About George Wu Photography

George Wu Photography was started by none other than George Wu himself. 

I'm a freelance photographer; although fairly young, I am experienced and dedicated to the world of photography. I mostly deals with event, concert, wedding and sport photography, although I have  dabbled in other forms of photography as well.

I'm available for any range of assignments, both local and abroad. I am available as a photographer, editor, or as a videographer. Contact me for any further information. 

Please click here to check out a list of the equipment that I use for the shoots that I go to. Despite still being in school, I have invested heavily in professional photography equipment to get the best shots possible in every shoot. 

Each and every one of my shoots will be taken with professional equipment and will be executed along with professionalism. Absolutely no exceptions. I am the worry free option. Im always prepared with my backups and my backups' backups, and my backups' backups' backups ... :)

Me :D